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Miyabi And Wellness

There's no direct English translation for the ascetic sensibility of miyabi but its meaning implies that everything is "just so" and beautiful just as it is.

Though not yet as prevalent in the UK as the Danish ideal hygge, miyabi is set to embed itself into British culture. And why not? The ability to take a moment to recognise and appreciate beauty in all of its forms is of benefit to us all.

Over the centuries drinking matcha and having a miyabi moment has turned into an art form, Japanese warriors would prepair for battle by finding their inner strength, raising to a higher level of consciousness and becoming strong and brave from their core.

Practicing miyabi is just one of the many ways to achieve a state of wellbeing. We encourage you to use your own daily tea ceremony to express an appreciation of modesty, imperfection and impermanence, but also beauty in every form. Take a moment to find your inner wellness, celebrate the day and smile.