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How to make a Classic Matcha Tea

To make a traditional matcha tea, scoop some MyMatcha Original Skinny Tea into a bowl and add just a splash of hot - but not boiling - water. Whisk up in a zig-zag motion until bubbles appear in the matcha and top up with warm water. That's it! Making matcha teas really is as simple as that.

All that's left is to choose whether to enjoy it as it is, or scroll through our other recipes.

With 137 times more antioxidants than infused green tea, it's no wonder this unusual ceremonial drink has been elevated to such cult status. 

Whilst its use in Japan is well established featuring in everything from jelly to kit-kats, the initial taste for those used to a European palate can certainly be a strange experience.

MyMatcha is one of the highest quality to come from Japan. It's smooth and mellow with a lingering sweetness. Once whisked the texture is soft, with a deliciously foamy undertone. 


the classic matcha preparation and taste summary