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100% Ceremonial MyMatcha™ - 28g.  28 daily servings of 100% organic ceremonial MyMatcha™ powder, ready to mix. Kickstart your best month ever with our ultimate 28 day detox. Our expertly created 28 day detox programme is made from 100% ceremonial matcha, the very best grade you can get. Matcha is...
100% MyMatcha™ Boost Powder - 50 Servings - 50g.  50 servings of 100% matcha powder, ready to use. Add  a spoonful to smoothies, juices, and bakes for an added energy and weight loss boost. Boost your weight loss game with our MyMatcha™ Boost Powder. Our instant powder is made from 100% matcha. Matcha is...
Whip up your perfectly smooth morning MyMatcha in seconds with this high quality electric whisk. The smart one-touch-button design comes in two stylish colours.1200RPM motor.Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Stainless Steel+PlasticDimension: 21cm x 4.9cm x 2.9cm Weight: 52g Powered: 2 AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)