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The Benefits

- Here's all you need to know -

When you drink regular green tea, you throw away the teabag and drink the infused water. That’s basically like boiling spinach, throwing it away and then drinking the murky water. Sure - you’ll get some of the nutrients, but wouldn’t it be better to get 100% of the goodness?

MyMatcha is a powdered green tea which is whisked into a smooth, warm drink so you consume every little bit of the leaf.

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Matcha Contains five times more L-theanine than standard green tea. L-theanine is an amino acid which helps with neurological activities, leading to increased focus and concentration.


Matcha contains 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea, these fend off serious viruses, microbes and damaged cells by fighting the free-radicals in your body.


Matcha contains two amino acids: theophylline and L-theanine. These amino acids work with the caffeine in matcha to give you a slow release, sustained energy boost which can last 6 hours.


Matcha is grown in the shade which produces extremely high levels of chlorophyll. This helps the body to absorb and expel metals whilst de-acidifying the body, restoring its natural pH balance & cleans & purify the blood.


The Journal Of Agriculture & Food Chemistry (20014) showed that matcha’s antioxidant levels were over 5 times that of goji berries, 25 times that of Acai Berries and 53 times that of Spinach. Antioxidants naturally load your cells with goodness and protect.


Matcha contains high levels of EGCG which increases thermogenesis, increases fat oxidation & supercharges the body’s metabolism.