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Our Story

MyMatcha was founded in 2017 by two young mums; Madelaine and Francesca.

Whilst searching for a way to overcome ‘baby brain’, we came across matcha. After researching more about the amazing benefits of drinking matcha daily, we decided to give it a try.

Improved focus, steady concentration, and an upbeat mood were just some of the benefits we noticed straight away. As well as feeling fantastic, we also found it easier to shift the baby weight, and although that was never something we wanted to push through the brand, fitting back into our old jeans had to be a good thing - right?

The difference in both our home and work lives was huge, so we had to let our circle of ‘mum friends’ in on our secret too, and of course they all fell in love.

The only problem was that matcha was hard to come by in the UK and only available in specialist health shops. That’s why we set about importing our own matcha and creating our own brand.