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Original Skinny Tea

100% Ceremonial MyMatcha™ - 28g.  28 daily servings of 100% organic ceremonial MyMatcha™ powder, ready to mix. Kickstart your best...
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100% Ceremonial MyMatcha - 28g. 

28 daily servings of 100% organic ceremonial MyMatcha powder, ready to mix.

Kickstart your best month ever with our ultimate 28 day detox. Our expertly created 28 day detox programme is made from 100% ceremonial matcha, the very best grade you can get.

Matcha is known for its calorie burning and metabolism boosting qualities, but it will also leave you feeling energised, refreshed, focused and cleansed. 

  • Scientifically proven to increase your focus and concentration

 Mix 1/2 a level tea spoon with a splash of warm water. Whisk well, top up, and enjoy!

Produce of Japan. Suitable for Vegans. Certified Organic and Non GMO. Naturally gluten free. Suitable to drink whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, although we would recommend limiting your consumption to two servings per day.


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